Biking Cat

Artist: Jonathan Wolfe

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NFTs are a serious business. Often, way too serious. Most NFTs lack any sense of humor at all, which is a shame, because I consider humor to be one of the greatest of all human art forms. Why is it so hard to find any humor in the NFT space? Perhaps it is due to the fact that NFTs are inherently just basically code and, well, you know how unfunny code can be.

Jonathan Wolfe is a Canadian-based artist who has been issuing NFTs for a few years now, on assorted platforms and marketplaces. He’s a good friend of Fewocious, with whom Mr. Wolfe has co-hosted a podcast/YouTube channel called Art Art Art, and released a collaborative collection with on Nifty Gateway. I was introduced to Mr. Wolfe’s work via the dontbuymeme site in 2020, and found much of his low-minted work was still available on the Rarible marketplace, for relatively cheap. I purchased this piece for the equivalent of around $70 two years ago. He continues to sell his works through SuperRare, and other places. Below is another favorite piece of his that I own, Bad Day Getting Worse (31/50). I forget where I got it from, but it’s perfect. See here:

How bad can one day get?

But back to Biking Cat — it’s an image of a cat, riding a bike, at night. It’s comedic, amazing and so oddball, off-the-wall, crazy-funny that I couldn’t help but smile and immediately check my ETH balance once I saw it. The anthropomorphized creature looks every bit as surprised to be riding a bike as the viewer would be at seeing a cat riding a bike. How could you not love this? I’m very grateful to have this in my collection, and I hope that it will bring much as much joy to my daughter in a few years.

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